What Does an SEO Consultant Actually Do?

What Does an SEO Consultant Actually Do?

Properly defining what an “SEO consultant” is and what they actually do is critical for fulfilling your company’s SEO needs.

An SEO consultant can help you grow your company in few different ways.

1. General SEO Advice

SEO consultants can be called on to answer all your burning SEO questions. Sometimes you don’t need a full-on SEO analysis and roadmap. Sometimes you just need to get some targeted questions answered by an expert.

2. Analyze an Existing SEO Campaign

The most common use of an SEO consultant is to analyze existing campaigns and develop a strategy for improving them.

Typically a consultant will perform an SEO audit and then create a list of actions based on what will have the highest impact. Then, all you need to do is execute on these actions, track performance, and stay in touch with the consultant as questions or challenges arise.

Having a second set of eyes (especially someone who’s probably already experienced whatever challenge you’re having) can take your SEO performance to another level.

3. Develop an SEO Strategy

Not every company has jumped on the SEO bandwagon.

That’s when a proven SEO consultant comes into play.

The consultant can develop a 6-12 month (or longer) SEO plan for driving more organic search traffic. Then, all your company needs to do is take action on the plan and the consultant will be there guide you through the process.

Course correction is a common event during an SEO campaign. That’s why having a qualified SEO consultant on-call is so useful because they can make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

4. Train In-House Team

Some companies already have a digital marketing team in place and just need some additional SEO guidance and training.

An SEO consultant can come in, analyze your campaign(s), and guide your team members so they can drive better results. This type of consulting is most common with digital marketing agencies that want to improve their team’s performance, so their clients can get better results.

These are most common use cases for an SEO consultant and the types of situations I’ve personally been a part of as one.

So, let me ask you:

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  4. I can train and transform your team members in SEO all-stars (so you never need to hire an agency again)
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