Top Keywords to Use for Your Portable Generator Webite

Top Keywords to Use for Your Portable Generator Webite

top keywordsAre you creating an SEO strategy for your portable generator website?

You can have every other part of your SEO strategy in place, but without the right keywords, your SEO strategy might not bring the results you need. Your website could have the best copy, but without focused keywords, your site won’t be found in search results.

How do you go about finding the top keywords to target?

Keep reading to learn why keyword research is important and how you can find the right keywords for your website.

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Why is Keyword Research Important?

The first thing that keyword research does is help you understand how your audience searches for your products. Because you’re so immersed in the world of portable generators, you might use industry terms rather than general terms to look for your products online.

For example, while many people refer to portable generators, some might search for “generators for camping” or another specific purpose.

This opens up yourself to opportunities that you might not normally think of when you’re planning your SEO strategy.

Finding Keywords for Your Portable Generator Site

Your mission in finding the top keywords for your website is to not only position your site on search engines, but it’s to get the right kind of traffic.

Start off by making a list of initial keywords. These are search terms that may seem obvious to you, such as specific makes and models.

You’ll also want to think of reasons why someone would buy a portable generator. Maybe they want to buy a generator that’s perfect for hunting or camping. They might want something small and easy to use at home.

Keep a running list of these keywords that are coming up. Next, you’ll get to verify whether they’re worth pursuing further.

When you’re targeting keywords for SEO, you want to make sure that they have some search volume and little competition. Even if a keyword has only 20 searches a month, it’s still worth pursuing.

Let’s say you were the top-ranked site for 10 keywords that had 20 searches a month. That’s an extra 200 views on your website. If you convert just 2% of that into sales, would that be a big difference for your bottom line?

There are tools that will help you find that information, such as this keyword planner. Not only will you get information on your keywords, but you’ll get a list of related search terms that you can add to your list.

Discovering Search Intent

Search engines do one thing for people. They solve problems. Whether it’s settling a debate between friends or figuring out what to eat for dinner, search engines have evolved to answer questions and solve problems.

You need to keep that in mind as you search for the top keywords for your website.

When people search, they have an intent to do something or have a question answered. Discovering why people search will help you answer questions people have about portable generators. The better you are at answering those questions, the more likely they will convert.

There are four types of intent, and they slightly mimic various stages of the buying cycle.

Intent to Get Information: They need to find information about portable generators. Think of these searches as just browsing a store and learning about different models.

Direct Intent: After someone browses, they may decide that they want to do a little more research. They may search for specific websites, like yours, your competitors, or specific manufacturers.

Intent to Research: At this stage, people are closer to making a purchase. They’re probably comparing specific models or looking for the best portable generator models.

Intent to Buy: The research is complete, now they’re ready to buy.

You can use search intent to your advantage. When you’re building your list of keywords, think of which stages of intent apply to you.

Then think of how people would search for portable generators in different stages. You can add those keywords to your list and then develop content around those keywords.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

You might think that it would be incredible to rank for generators or portable generators. Ranking for those keywords might seem like they would drive a ton of traffic to your website, but that’s not really true.

Broad searches like generators aren’t how most people search. In fact, only 30% of people use broad searches.

The rest of searches are called long-tail searches.

Since long tail searches are more specific to what people really need, they are more likely to convert. There’s a big difference between someone searching for generators and someone looking to learn more about the best five portable generators.

They’re at different points in the buying cycle. The first searcher is probably curious about generators or just window shopping. The second, more specific search is deeper into the buying cycle and ready to buy.

Monitor Your Keywords

When you’ve found your top keywords and you build content around them, you’ll want to monitor the success of those pages.

You’ll not only want to track where they appear in search results but whether people are clicking on them and how long they stick around on your page.

You can do that by having Google’s Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics set up on your site. If you use WordPress, these SEO plugins will make it easy to install the code on your website.

The one measurement you’ll want to look at is the bounce rate. That will tell you that people are leaving your site right away because they aren’t finding what they’re looking for.

The higher the bounce rate, the more likely that people are going elsewhere for the information they’re looking for. A higher bounce rate will also have a negative effect on SEO.

The lesson for you: Make sure your content is consistent with the search terms. That will keep your bounce rate low, keep your page higher in search results, and improve your conversion rate.

Start Finding Your Top Keywords

When it comes to finding the top keywords for your portable generator website, it’s worth the time and energy to research keywords.

You learn a lot about your customers and you give your website a chance to rank for many keywords. That means more traffic, more leads, and more revenue for your business.

Are you ready to get started?

Start by using our free Keyword Planner.



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