Tips to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Business Page

Tips to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Business Page


It’s no secret that conversions are the key to keeping your company alive. But how do you increase conversion rates, and where is the best place to start? What actions can you take to have the most significant impact on your potential customers, so they transition into life long business partners?

Read on for some tips on how to utilize your landing pages, content marketing strategies, and creating high-performing calls to action. If you want to boost your revenue and make sure your business is around for years to come, this article is a must-read!

Increase Conversion Rates with Your Business Landing Pages

The easiest and most effective way to boost your conversions is by having killer landing pages in place. If your customers aren’t impressed when they arrive, they will leave! The result is increased bounce rates rather than the conversions you need. 


To create an effective landing page, follow these steps:

1. Simplify Navigation

It should be easy for your customers to find what they need, and the connection to what they searched for should be evident almost immediately when they arrive.

2. Utilize Color Psychology

Did you know that certain colors can trigger a psychological response in your target audience? By researching and implementing color psychology tricks, you may experience super increase conversion rates!

3. Choose the Right Typography

It may seem tempting to select artistic typography, but if your customers can’t read your content, you’re wasting your time! Choose typography representing your brand and use a test audience to make sure it’s easy enough to read.

4. Compelling Copy

Having content that is easy to read is just as crucial as having exciting content. By replacing boring copy with compelling alternatives, you will entice your readers to digest all of your content, rather than skimming the page for what they need.

5. Easy to Scan Content

While it’s fun to implement creative copy for your page, it’s also essential to make sure that your readers who are short on time can quickly scan your page for the content they need. Like navigation, your potential customers should have the option to scan to where they need if they’re in a pinch by using numbered or bulleted lists and understandable headers. Alternatively, adding images and using the snipping tool for Mac is a great way to make your content easy to digest. 

Content Marketing in Action

There are many different marketing options you can utilize to generate leads and increase website conversions, but content marketing is one of the most powerful tools to boost your revenue. By getting to the root of what your business has to offer, you’ll utilize several different digital marketing options to see which one fits your company’s objectives best.

Blog Posts

By regularly posting blog posts focusing on what your business has to offer, you’ll become a source of information and expert advice on everything that makes you unique. You can try out different alternatives like relevant content, product or service reviews, industry updates, and more! Research your competition in the market to see what sort of content they may be posting for more ideas that relate to your specialty.

Email Marketing

Like blog posts, you can utilize email marketing to send out regular content to your subscribers like new blogs, sales, in-person or web-based events, and more. To achieve email marketing success, try out different alternatives, and then poll your subscribers to see what they like best.

Webinars and Books

You are most likely an expert in your industry, so why not share your knowledge with the world! Webinars and print or E-books are a great way to work to create content that you can earn from for an extended time. Additionally, the more informative content you produce, the more respect and business you receive from those in your field.

Clear Calls to Action

Do you feel like you always have people visiting and navigating around your website without taking the action you want to make? If your call to action, or CTA, isn’t apparent, they may be missing your goal completely! Here are some great CTA options:

  1. Lead Generation and Nurturing: Your leads are the seeds that you can plant in a consumer’s mind about your product or service. Some CTA options are “request more information” or free trials. You can then nurture these leads by following up in a non-aggressive way.
  2. Form Submission: Do you have a form that your customers can fill out to help you learn more about their needs and wants? Have a distinct call out for your form by setting it apart from other content on the page.
  3. Read More: Encourage your visitors to navigate around your website by introducing additional content that they can investigate with a “read more” button that directs them to the proper page.
  4. Product or Service: Similar to reading more content, have your customers be eager to check out your product or service page by creatively introducing them in different ways.
  5. Social Media Sharing: Do you want your customers to share your information or products with their circle of family and friends? Also, allow them to do so by packaging things for them in a single click option.

Where to Start

Now that you know how to increase conversion rates, where should you start for the most significant impact?

Step one should be auditing your website to see where you currently are in all of the above areas. 

Have someone outside your company search for your business and then navigate to your site to see how your landing page performs right away. Take note of how closely related it is to what they searched and how you can boost it to mirror their search. 

What sort of content marketing strategies do you currently have in place? Are you tracking the data to see how they’re performing and the kind of business they bring in for you? How can you update your content marketing for the greatest impact?

Then comb through each page to see how many clear CTAs you have. Navigate through those CTAs and see if all the steps work as you’re expecting!

Lastly, consider how you can boost each of those areas and update them to convince your customers to choose you over your competition.

With a little work and research, you’ll notice a boost in your business page conversion rates in no time!



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