Is Email Marketing Worth it? 8 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes

Is Email Marketing Worth it? 8 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes


Wondering what marketing strategy to make a top priority? We all know that deciding where your top marketing dollar should go is not a decision to be taken lightly. You not only need to attract new customers but retain the ones you already have and keep them coming back.

Of course, you can’t keep investing in a marketing strategy that’s not raking in the kind of results you expect, right! So what’s one of the most effective marketing tactics you should be using? Email marketing. In this post, we’ll be looking at the benefits of email marketing and why you should be using it. 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of emails to promote products or services. A better email marketing definition, however, is the use of emails to develop lasting relationships with potential customers or clients. At its best, it’ll allow you to tailor marketing messages to your customers and keep them informed about your business at all times. 

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective?


Email marketing is one of the most reliable forms of communication between brands and customers. You can easily reach your customers in their inbox, a place they are almost guaranteed to visit every day. Better yet, is hands down the most cost-effective marketing strategy you can implement and actually get desired results. For every $1 spent, you’ll generate an average ROI of $44

Unlike most other marketing channels, email marketing will allow you to stay in touch with your customers consistently. Even the simplest of emails that welcome them to your business or wish them a happy birthday will show them how much you value them. Customers love it when they get treated as individuals on a personal level because it assures trust. 

The more value you show in your emails, the higher the chance that they’ll look forward to your emails and even engage with your calls to action. To stress how important this is, a recent study showed that millennials alone spend over 6 hours every day checking their email. This gives you an incredible opportunity to get your message out there.

Email has proven to be much more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined in terms of acquiring new customers. Up to 91 percent of adults actually like to receive promotional emails from companies they already do business with, how cool is that? 

The Benefits of Email Marketing

While some marketing trends come and go, email offers longevity, making it one of the most powerful channels you could possibly use as a modern marketer. Let’s dig deeper and look into some of the most alluring benefits of email marketing. 

Emails Have a Larger Reach

Twitter boasts about 275 million users, while Facebook has a little over a billion active users. With this information, you may feel that social media is the most effective channel to reach your target audience. Truth is, social media is effective, but not as much as email, given that it boasts over 3.8 billion users. 

Email is like a currency because everyone online needs one to sign up for websites and applications. No channel offers a reach as wide as email. Besides this, with all the privacy issues hitting social media channels, more and more people are pulling out, and you cannot rely on it entirely. 

It’s also important because it’ll allow you to reach your mobile customers. A lot of people check their emails from their mobile devices, an activity that is more popular than checking on social media platforms. 

Emails Drive Conversions

Driving conversions is a major marketing goal, and whether you are looking to form leads, make sales, or create memberships, your ultimate goal is turning potential customers into loyal paying customers. When it comes to conversions, nothing beats email.

With a click-through rate of around 3%, you are likely to get customers to click on email than on social media. Even better, email is measurable, and you’ll have access to metrics like clicks, forwards, bounces, opens, social shares, among others. If you integrate email marketing with a CRO, you have access to information about how your email marketing is impacting deals and business opportunities. 

Personalized and Targeted Content

With email marketing, it’ll be easy for you to segment customers into several lists based on preferences. You can send each group personalized content that rotates with the customers. This will lead to more engaging content that looks individualized and not generic.

It’ll be easy to cultivate a strong foundation and lasting relationships with customers. People trust companies that try to engage them on a personal level, and they are bound to trust your brand and eventually become loyal customers. 

Build Brand Credibility and Recognition

The right emails will help you build brand credibility very efficiently. People do business with people they know, and like, so you need to share informative and helpful content so customers will like and trust you. 

Beyond that, with a professional email marketing specialist, it’ll be easy to build brand recognition with email marketing because you’ll interact directly with your customers. As long as you provide valuable content, you’ll develop an edge over your competitors and stand out. 

Possible Automation of Sales Cycles

Email marketing offers you automation that will help you send drip campaigns automatically on a scheduled basis. You can set up automation campaigns that trigger certain messages once customers take certain actions. For instance, if a customer gets to your pricing page then leaves, you can send them an automated message to inquire if they have any questions. 

Email Is Not Going Anywhere

Between 2005 and 2008, there was a very hot website known as MySpace. As a matter of fact, in June of 2006, it was more popular than Google. Come 2019, MySpace is long forgotten and nowhere close to the most popular website in the US alone. 

Investing in a platform that may or may not disappear is several years is not a convenient long term goal for your business. Email, on the other hand, has a strong history of consistent growth that you cannot ignore. There are numerous email marketing plugins and tools that can help you send incredible emails to so many people with ease. 

Email Marketing Boosts Sales

According to research, email generates about $37 billion in retail annually. This opens up great opportunities for impulse purchases, as it’s very easy to get customers to make additional purchases. When your customers get an email promoting a product relevant to their previous purchase, they are bound to get hooked. 

Increased Website Traffic

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting customers to visit your website. You can start by including relevant links within the email or use email campaigns to get your customers to engage with other pieces of information on your website. 

There You Have It!

When it comes to marketing strategies, email marketing is something you should not overlook. There are so many more benefits of email marketing, so take advantage of this incredible channel to grow your business.

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