How to Tell Whether You Need to Hire a Creative Agency

How to Tell Whether You Need to Hire a Creative Agency

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Both small and big brands turn to advertising, marketing, and design agencies to help manage projects. The average spend on these creative style agencies has even increased 25% over the last few years. 

These agencies handle tasks from branding to ad campaign management. They cover every detail from concept to execution. But, is outsourcing projects like these right for your business?   

The below tips will help you determine if it’s time to hire a creative agency.  

You’re Looking to Rebrand  


Creative agencies are a cultivated team of skilled minds. This includes art directors, graphic designers, website builders, and copywriters.

They are known for hiring expert brand strategists and storytellers. They work to determine a company’s identity and bring this vision to life.

Any business looking to rebrand should consider hiring an outside agency. They provide consistent and effective branding techniques that appeal to your target audience. 

Agencies focus on all essential elements of a brand. This includes logos, slogans, color schemes, fonts, and marketing materials.  Agencies can redesign all your marketing collateral, from business cards to brochures.

They can revamp your entire digital strategy for better awareness and engagement. This includes updates to your website, social media channels, and online advertisements. Agencies will also help to update existing photography and video collateral.  

Agencies specialize in the research and planning phases of rebranding. They can complete an audit to ensure the effectiveness of existing brand elements. This way, you can find out what works and what doesn’t.  

You’re Planning to Launch a New Website 

In the next few years, it’s expected that 54% of marketing budgets will be for digital projects. The digital agency definition is a company that helps design and build websites. 

A creative agency can work with you to update your existing website for a more competitive edge. A web design agency can also help you go digital with your business for the first time. 

They handle all aspects of the website design process. This includes visual, design, UX, and background technology.  

Interactive agencies are also skilled in multimedia content and web copy. An agency can help with hosting your website and handling backend updates as well. 

Web agencies ensure your website meets current requirements and is easy to navigate. They will produce a unique design that is innovative, eye-catching, and on-brand. 

You’re Considering a New Marketing Campaign 

Another benefit of hiring a creative firm is to handle a new sales and marketing campaign. These campaigns are helpful when expanding your business or to reach new markets.

You can even hire an agency to help with the campaign planning and research phase. This helps determine which style of campaign is most effective for your business.   

Agencies are skilled in a variety of communication methods for sending your message. This ensures it gets received by the right people.  

Agencies have experience in advertising, email marketing, social media, and PR campaigns. They can even help boost promotional efforts for the campaign. This includes relative media outlets for extra exposure.  

A creative agency can manage the entire campaign, from start to finish. Then they will provide you with metrics to measure its success afterward. 

An added bonus is that agencies tend to share successful campaigns on their own websites. This means you get a free form of advertising for your company when working with them. 

You’re Limited on Time or Resources

Many small businesses may not have the time or manpower to complete certain projects. They may not have the budget to hire an in-house marketing professional or team. Finding and hiring these employees also takes up a lot of time and resources. 

So, what is a full-service agency and how can it help?

Businesses with smaller marketing teams can outsource projects to a creative agency. 52% of small businesses are working to move toward outsourcing their marketing tasks.  

These full-service agencies are industry experts and excel at meeting tight deadlines. So, you can rest assured that the project will be well-managed from start to finish. Outsourcing to an agency gives employees more time and energy to focus on their daily tasks. 

Agencies also have access to specialized tools and online platforms. These help in sharing and editing work and getting project stages approved. These software platforms include Basecamp, Trello, and Asana.   

You’ve Run out of Ideas 

Are your current brainstorming sessions experiencing a lull? A creative content agency can offer you plenty of out of the box ideas. They are experts in creative thinking and looking at something from a new angle. 

Agencies can provide a fresh look at an anticipated problem or setback. They also offer a new set of brains that you can pick. Outsourced talent can even give you unbiased opinions on a current problem. 

Your Company Is Craving Change

Sometimes a business has been around forever but isn’t sure how to appeal to younger generations. Millennial buyers are a key demographic and hold much of today’s spending power. 

Design agencies can help you stay ahead of the competition and attract new audiences. It’s an opportunity to work with award-winning innovators in all different demographics. 

These creative agencies can help your business be more adaptable to change. They can teach you to embrace flexibility and new technology.  

Agency members are great at planning and anticipating what the future holds. They can help your company to stay ahead of the latest trends.     

Hiring a Creative Agency to Enhance Your Brand

A creative agency can help to boost brand recognition and business growth. They are full of fresh ideas in the world of marketing, advertising, and design. Consider hiring an agency for your branding, web design, or other digital strategies. 

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