Hey Entrepreneurs! You Need To Learn Digital Marketing Before Launching a Business

Hey Entrepreneurs! You Need To Learn Digital Marketing Before Launching a Business


By the end of 2020, e-commerce sales are projected to hit over $4.6 billion. The same experts predict that by 2026, the online shopping industry will generate over $6.5 billion in sales! 

If you’re launching a business in 2020, this is important news for you. This means that more of your customers are online than ever, especially with more and more businesses moving to remote work. So how do you stand out in the digital landscape?

Video marketing is indispensable in the time of TikTok and YouTube. Digital ads command your audience’s attention and are a great way to advertise creatively. Whether you’re selling to end customers or other businesses, you’ll need to master the digital landscape to make sure they notice you. 

Launching A Business In The Internet Age


With ever-changing apps and social networks dominating your screens, the most important rule in digital marketing is to adapt. You never know when Instagram will roll out a new feature that changes the game, or when a new network like TikTok will take off.

Before you spend a cent on advertising, be open to changing your methods when necessary. 

Marketing Your Product Creatively

Audiences see through unoriginal ads. They have millions of hours of entertainment at their fingertips. Give them a reason to pay attention to yours. 

Think of the most unique ads you’ve seen. Think of the commercials and ad campaigns that have stayed in your memory for years. Video marketing for your business can have the same effect on thousands of customers as well. 

Ask yourself, “What sticks out about those campaigns? Why do I remember it so well? What made that branding successful?” Then apply those questions to your brand. 

Using Digital Marketing To Enhance Your Brand

Decide what brand image you want to put out into the world. If your business takes itself very seriously, don’t use cute jingles and cat videos. Market yourself instead as an authority, or as a “luxury” product. 

Also, consider your target audience when figuring out your brand. If you are in the B2B sphere, your audience will be relatively no-nonsense and serious. If you’re selling B2C, then you can have some more fun with your branding. 

Branding applies to everything from the colors in your Instagram posts to the words on your “About Me” page. When designing and filming digital ads, make sure that they perpetuate the brand image and ethos you’ve cultivated. 

Advertising Online Isn’t Hard

With tools like Google Analytics and Instagram for Business, you can learn the basics of digital marketing pretty quickly. Since so many entrepreneurs rely on their online advertising, networks have made it easier than ever to reach your perfect audience. 

You can decide who sees your ad depending on what hashtags they follow, subreddits they subscribe to, and what Tweets they’ve liked in the last week. It’s your job to use these tools to your full advantage. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If you’re launching a business and feel overwhelmed by the online marketing aspect, you’re not alone. There are plenty of tools and guides to hold your hand through the process. Flip through other articles on our website for more guides to SEO, digital marketing, and more. 



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