Great SEO Strategies And Marketing Tools For Creating More Traffic

Great SEO Strategies And Marketing Tools For Creating More Traffic


In the modern-day, the Internet is pretty much the primary marketing strategy that matters. Gone are the days when one could purchase a few billboards, put up a few signs, and call it a day for the marketing department. These days, a company hast to be very well versed in online marketing and SEO strategies in order to be successful in the long term.

SEO and online marketing, however, are far from simple. Instead, they are fairly complicated beasts that take much time and industry knowledge in order to be able to do efficiently. In this article, we’ll help you tackle the beasts that digital marketing and search engine optimization are by providing you with key SEO strategies and marketing tools that you should already be leveraging.

On-Page SEO

There are two different variations of SEO. Those are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO has everything to do with the search engine optimization tactics that you implement right on your website.


The first thing to consider is the structure of your metadata. The easier that your code is for Google’s search bots to read, the better that your website will be ranked.

The next thing to consider is keyword frequency. What keywords and search phrases are you trying to rank for? Those words and phrases should show up on your website. That shows Google the relevancy of your website to those phrases. Careful not to overstuff those keywords into your content, however — Google can tell when you’re trying to manipulate your relevancy and they will penalize you for it.

Lastly, Google also takes mobile-friendliness and page load speeds into your account. You ought to have a responsive design anyway so that your website visitors can enjoy their online experience with your company even on mobile. But not having your website be mobile-friendly will cause Google to penalize it, as users expect well-ranked websites to be mobile-friendly. Faster website speeds also make for a better experience, so Google prioritizes load speed accordingly.

Off-Page SEO

With off-page SEO, one has to consider the amount of credibility and authority one’s website receives. The more websites that are out there that link to your website, the more credible your website is and the higher Google will place it in the search engine results. Use one of the many available backlink tools and PBN networks to develop your network authority.

Keep in mind, however, that too many links from low-quality websites that are very low-ranked will make Google’s robots think that your website is low-quality as well. So seek to build high-quality backlinks to your website by getting your website featured on high-quality blogs and online publications through a branding consultancy agency.

SEO Strategies, Made Simple

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of SEO strategies, it’s time for you to implement these on-page and off-page search engine optimization tactics on your own website.

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