Get Creative! Here Are 7 Unique Freelance Writing Jobs to Look Into

Get Creative! Here Are 7 Unique Freelance Writing Jobs to Look Into

Freelancing is the ultimate career dream. If you love your life, being able to take hold of your time is one of the best feelings in the world. Freelance writing is one of those careers.

There’s an estimate of around 57 million freelancers in 2017. Their numbers are growing to something which may be the equal of 50% of the workforce in 10 years.

Freelance writing can be fun and lucrative if you look in the right places. Do you want writing jobs worth your while? Keep reading then.


We have seven unique freelance writer jobs you need to look into. Check out some of them because they may be for you.

1. Start Selling Your Work with a Cold Pitch

Cold pitching is a technique similar to cold calling in telemarketing. Unlike the ones done over the telephone, these are not annoying at all if you do it right. It makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

If you cold pitch, you’re applying straight to the source. This saves you not only time but nets you money a middleman will be cutting off you.

How do you start cold pitching? Start with websites or blogs you think you can help with your presence. Point out areas you can help them.

You can offer either creative writing jobs or freelance editing jobs, depending on their situation.

2. Warm Pitch Works for Online Writing Jobs Too

The contrary of cold pitch is the warm pitch, and it can work too. A warm pitch is a slower process but it can be more effective.

Warm pitch for online writing jobs includes finding your possible customer and doing the research. You would then follow their social media and set yourself as a de facto expert.

Build a relationship with your target customer and through persistence, engage and be on their radar. Does it work?

Yes, but you would want to use a little from column A and a little from column B. The cold and warm pitch will work wonders together for your potential writer jobs.

3. Guest Posting for Writer Jobs

Guest posting seems like a no-brainer option to some. Many people still can’t see the power of guest posting. This is due to the fact it’s for free.

There are many benefits to writing guest posts.

For one, you get to pick and choose what you want to write. Instead of getting a task, you get to write creative writing jobs. Write things like cancer zodiac astrology if you’re into that.

Also, you get to target high-value guest posts you can use to breakthrough. If you can land guest posts on the Guardian or even Forbes’ contributor list, it opens up more valuable online writing jobs.

4. Make Real Connections With Other Freelancers

Freelancing communities are big. The problem is it tends to be every man for himself. We can’t blame them either.

Losing one potential lead can mean the difference between having a meal or not the next week. Even then, it’s good to foster good relationships with other fellow freelancers.

For one, networking helps you get more referrals. If you have clients who need a particular type of skill you don’t have, don’t hesitate. Recommend someone who can fill in.

Freelancers tend to be the grateful types, so you can expect good tidings in return. How to get real connections with peers with freelance editing jobs and more? Find hub areas.

For one, there are various freelancing communities on Reddit where people connect. There are also freelancing forums and the like.

5. Ask for Referrals from People Who Know You

This connects with number 4, so you may find these reasons relating. Don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, acquaintances or even peers to refer you for possible job opportunities.

In online writing jobs, there’s no way you can survive being shy. It’s all about knowing how to promote yourself. Some places like FB groups and LinkedIn can be strong potential sources for ongoing creative writing jobs.

It’s also smart to involve family members and friends in your craft. They may have connections to other fields and businesses.

6. Make Your Portfolio Website

It’s crucial to find a way for you to showcase your talents online. Having your portfolio makes your creative writing jobs look more legit and professional. A portfolio website can help with a few things like:

  • Professional looking work
  • Shows all services offered
  • Showcase all your past work
  • Contains your contact details

When you have time, you can also write a personal blog on this portfolio website. It doesn’t have to relate to your online writing jobs too. It’s your portal, so you can create your own audience from here.

If you have recommendations like SEO tools and services you use and the like, it’s smart to post them. If you can create a legit following, you can leverage that for more client work.

7. Use Job Posting Sites

If you want to earn money but don’t have the chops to cold pitch, there’s a solution. It’s smart to use job posting sites to help you find the right writer jobs for you.

Sites like Pro Blogger, Freelance Writing Gigs and even subreddits like /r/hireawriter and /r/forhire are legit sources for good-paying jobs. The competition may be stiff since these are public listings. If you’re good enough in your craft, you’ll be good enough for them.

Get More Writing Jobs For You

Online writing jobs are an infinite source of income. All you need is to know how to find them.

Whether you’re doing pitches, making rounds in the community, or applying for job posts, there are many ways you can get them. All you need is to be proactive. Don’t sit on what you already have.

Keep looking in the right places. Get yourself out there and you’ll get more writing jobs.

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