First $100 Month Construction Worker Success Story – Five Figure Niche Site With Adrian

First $100 Month Construction Worker Success Story – Five Figure Niche Site With Adrian

I talk to Adrian, who’s a Five Figure Niche Site student, and he’s had great success with his first site.

Now, the cool thing is he only has like 15 pieces of content and he just crossed the $100 mark.

It’s amazing because Adrian found Niche Site Project about a year ago and thought, “Hey, I want to be a success story.”

I hear that often, but it’s rare when people follow through and do it. Adrian is an action taker — and here is his success story.

Adrian and I talk about:

  • The age of the site and traffic stats.
  • How he watched my YouTube channel and wanted to be a success story.
  • A bit of his background: From Romania, moved to Spain, now in London.
  • The massive mistake with Guest Post & how to avoid it.
  • The power of the Keyword Golden Ratio.
  • Quality content and why it’s so important.
  • The link building strategy & its role.
  • Other mistakes that Adrian made & what you can learn.

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Here is the transcript of the interview

Doug:               We have another success story interview. In this one, I talk to Adrian, who’s a Five Figure Niche Site student, and he’s had great luck with his first site. Now, the cool thing is he only has like 14 pieces of content, 14 or 15 pieces of content, and he just crossed the hundred dollar mark. So, without further ado, let’s get to the interview.

Doug:               Hey, what’s up? Doug here, and I’m sitting with my friend Adrian. Adrian, how are you doing today?

Adrian:             Hey Doug. Thanks for having me, Doug. It’s really a pleasure to be here with you today. I’m really good, really looking forward to having a chat with you.

Doug:               Awesome. So, let’s hear some results. So you’re a student of Five Figure Niche Site, and you enrolled in, like, 2017, I think in the October period, is that right?

Adrian:             That’s it. Yeah, yeah. October, yeah.

Doug:               So, tell us about some of your recent results as far as revenue and your traffic to your site.

Adrian:             The site just made last month a hundred … my first hundred dollars a month. It was $103.00.

Doug:               Awesome.

Adrian:             That was really, really nice. And then I have … I just checked today the statistics and I have like between 60 and 70 people daily coming to the website, which is really unexpected for me. I didn’t believe that was going to work.

Doug:               Gotcha. That’s cool. So if I’m doing the math right, that’s about 2,000 people per month or so?

Adrian:             That’s it, yes.

Doug:               Awesome. Okay. That’s really cool. Congratulations. I know crossing that hundred dollar mark is sort of a milestone, although artificial, but congratulations. That’s a huge point.

Doug:               Now-

Adrian:             Thanks a lot. Yeah.

Doug:               … one thing I remember, and people are going to be watching this on YouTube of course, but Adrian, you were a viewer on YouTube just leading up to October, right? And you told me … you emailed me. You said, “I want to be a success story,” and now we’re sitting here, so congratulations. It’s pretty cool. I remember that.

Adrian:             Do you? Do you actually remember that? That’s really nice, because honestly when these sites do something, I go full steam. I’m really committed to make it a success story. So hopefully is going to this website, or maybe other ones that I’m going to make in the future, just going to go up and up and up.

Doug:               Cool. Very cool. Yeah, I definitely remember it, and I think it’s amazing that we’re sitting here talking. Let’s hear more about you, Adrian. Where are you from? Where do you live? What’s your full-time job, because you still have a full-time job, of course. So, let’s hear about you personally.

Adrian:             Yeah. Well, originally, I’m from Romania. I left Romania 15 years ago. I lived in Spain for 10 years, and 6 years ago I moved to London, which I’m currently living in London. I’m working construction industry. I subcontract liftings, like heavy lifting with cranes and all that stuff. Very, very nice job. I really like it. It’s like playing with toys for big boys.

Doug:               Yeah, that’s right.

Adrian:             For the last year and a half, I dedicate myself to 12 hours shift on my cranes, family, you know. I dedicate a little bit of time on the website as well, which I’m really, really committed to making it happen for me as well.

Doug:               Awesome. Very good. Do you remember when you first heard about affiliate marketing or niche sites, or anything like that?

Adrian:             It was actually a couple of months before I heard about you. I was just talking with my missus in those late night talks just before you go to sleep and she said to me, “We should do something online,” because she doesn’t want to go back to work. She was pregnant with the baby. So then that’s when I started to look online about how to make money online and I discovered Alex, our friend at WP Eagle. From him, I saw your first video with you talking about the website that you sold and that just pumped me up so much.

Doug:               Nice.

Adrian:             I really needed to meet you, to meet what you were doing and know more about niche sites. Which, by that time, I never heard of a niche site. I didn’t know what even niche was. The meaning of niche.

Doug:               Okay. Cool. So, if I’m doing my math right, that was like about one year ago, you were following our friend Alex Cooper over at WP Eagle. We’ll link up to his channel. I collaborated with him, you found me, watched some of my stuff.

Adrian:             Yeah.

Doug:               Got it. So you’re only about a year in?

Adrian:             That’s … yeah, about a year. So, yeah. June or July last year, that was June or July last year.

Doug:               Okay. Yeah. Wow. That is right about a year. So, did you start any sites before you started on Five Figure Niche Site with me?

Adrian:             Not seriously. I did follow some tutorials, even some of Alex’s tutorials, but it was making … just playing around with WordPress and creating something, but nothing … I didn’t know what I was doing, basically.

Doug:               Right. Okay.

Adrian:             So that’s why when I found out about you, I said, “I need something more,” because I’m a very methodic guy, so I need something to be … you know, I need to follow some steps. That’s what I liked when I heard about you and then I started to follow up … to follow you on YouTube. That’s what I liked about what you’re doing.

Doug:               Okay.

Adrian:             Because you have a plan, basically.

Doug:               Right. And I was going to say, I know a lot of people, they have all this information, right? You studied a lot, you knew you wanted to pursue it, but there’s like a thousand things that you could do and you needed the framework to guide you through it-

Adrian:             Exactly.

Doug:               … with a blueprint and so you know that you’re not wasting your time. Okay. Very good. Alright. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and talk about, you know, content and link building and all the good stuff. All the gory details. So, from a content standpoint, did you have a specific approach that helps attract traffic, to help you format and all that stuff? What’s your approach with content?

Adrian:             On the content, I have … I obviously use a lot the Keyword Golden Ratio system that you have. Most of my posts are actually ranking on page one because of the Keyword Golden Ratio. Then when it comes to the content I have … sometimes I hire someone to make research for what I need and then I take over the article and edit it and make everything nice and I give Google what they love to see. You know, nice formats, not … you don’t need to have a block of text. I add media, YouTube videos, the keyword that I need at the beginning, somewhere in the title, somewhere at the end. Basically, I follow very step by step process as well when I create every single article. I’m very, very methodical about this as well.

Doug:               Gotcha. Okay. Cool. And for the … you know, you mentioned the Keyword Golden Ratio, which is the Keyword Golden Ratio, for people that are not familiar. Again, I could link for more information on that stuff.

Doug:               So, when you are publishing one of those articles, how many times do you use the long phrase, the keyword, throughout your post? How often do you use it?

Adrian:             I don’t use it more than three times. I do it once on my H1 tag. If it makes sense, I use it in the first paragraph. I don’t want to force it as well, because then it will look forced and people … I don’t like it, personally, so I guess people don’t like it either. Once in the H1, once in the first paragraph if I have the chance, then I try to use it again on another H tag down the line, another time at the end of the article.

Doug:               That sounds good. I was going to say I usually only use it like twice, and it’s been … it’s good to hear you, you know, confirm what I believe too. But a lot of people use, like, and SEO plugin like the Yoast plugin, and they may use a very long phrase, like “What’s the best ballpoint pen for bullet journaling for a college student” and they use it, like, eight times and it sounds really weird. And, you know, people may not like it, but even worse, Google doesn’t like it so people will never even be able to … like, no one will ever find it. So, the guiding principle here, don’t listen to Yoast if you’re doing, like, Keyword Golden Ratio research.

Doug:               Alright. So, as far as, like, keyword research, you know, obviously you’re using the keyword golden ratio, you’re applying the formula. Do you have any tips for people trying to find keywords? Especially, like, beginners who maybe don’t … they’re having trouble finding any Keyword Golden Ratio terms. So, what tips do you have?

Adrian:             I’m assuming that if you’re a beginner, you’re not going to have, like, page tools. What I used to use a lot, it’s the Ubersuggest. Even if … when you put a keyword that you need to find in Ubersuggest, even they give you the whole keywords that they find for that, you need to … it’s not wasting time, but you need to go and check every single one and do your math. Unfortunately, the Keyword Golden Ratio, it works because there’s no machine that can do it. So you need to dedicate a full day, maybe, when … before you go and make, let’s say, a list of five posts that you want to write about. Dedicate a full day, that’s what I do. I dedicate a full day, just doing research on Ubersuggest. I used to do … I used to use a lot, as well, the Google keyword planner. Even though it doesn’t give you the right locally monthly searches, it’s good for you to get ideas from.

Doug:               Cool.

Adrian:             Another good thing that … another good idea for you to pick up some easy to find KRG terms is to go down in the-

Doug:               Related Searches.

Adrian:             Exactly, yeah. The related searches, and then you find really, really nice terms.

Doug:               Sure. And I think a lot of time … I mean, we’re going over the coursework basically here, for Five Figure Niche Site, which is fine. But basically at that point, it’s like you start with some seed keyword that maybe you found on Ubersuggest, right, and then … or maybe you got an idea from the keyword planner, right? And then you can hop over, search it in Google, and then see the related searches which tell you, you know, just other obviously related searches. Autosuggest is really good as well, right along the same thought process too.

Doug:               Okay. Cool. Really good tips. And … actually, let’s go back. Do you remember … like, was it pretty tough to find keyword golden ratio terms when you first got started?

Adrian:             No, it wasn’t. I just got it. I mean, I probably didn’t understand the whole process, the whole idea about Keyword Golden Ratio, but I did understand that you need to find … let’s say you needed to find four-word keyword that has let’s say 20 local monthly searches and then you just need to put your allintitle, colon, and the keyword you are searching for, and that’s it. If that’s less … if the, what was it, the LMS divided by the allintitle?

Doug:               The other way.

Adrian:             Or the other way around.

Doug:               Yeah.

Adrian:             It’s less than point twenty-five then there you go. You have a keyword you can use for your website.

Doug:               Yes. Got it. Okay, very good. Now, let’s shift gears over to like link building and stuff. And I know you and I actually had a coaching session a few months back to just sort of like help you jump-start that process. So can you tell us about your approach with link building and how much link building you’ve actually done over the past nine months or so?

Adrian:             I’ve heard … talking about the Grant Cardone’s book as well, 10X, and it’s all about massive action, so that’s what I did. When we got to the part of the course where we’re talking about the link building, I just went again with everything that I had and in maybe two weeks, I made hundreds of blog commenting in like hundreds of blogs.

Adrian:             But then I needed to shift a little bit. I needed to learn about the guest posting process. It was really tough because of the fear that we all have of being rejected, I guess. But then I realized that as soon as I started to send a few emails and actually I was lucky that the people answered me back saying, “Adrian, at the moment, I’m not interested” or “Adrian, at the moment we don’t accept any guest posts.” The more I was getting rejected, I was getting more confident. I don’t know if it makes sense.

Doug:               Right. You got used to hearing that. And in fact, I think when we met, I think I was like 90 percent of the people are going to reject you. Some of them are gonna be really rude about it, too, by the way, but you got over it. So the more you tried, you got better at it, right?

Adrian:             Yeah, definitely. And I don’t have too many guest posts out there, to be honest, because … so I have about 15 posts on my blog right now and 14 of them are on page one without any link building. So-

Doug:               Did you say 15 total and 14 are on page one?

Adrian:             Yeah.

Doug:               Wow.

Adrian:             So it’s amazing that I didn’t need link building as of guest posting to rank those articles. I really wanted to learn how to do it and actually, I got someone on a big blog to accept a guest post and it went very well.

Doug:               Awesome.

Adrian:             I have two guest posts.

Doug:               Very good. And I think like … well, the other thing to mention and maybe I’m jumping ahead a bit here, but I know you worked really hard on the site for like the first say four or five months and then life got busy for you, right? Like, you recently-

Adrian:             Yeah, definitely.

Doug:               So I imagine you took that massive action, you started laying the groundwork to get guest posts. You got two, which is good, that’s great, and then you’ve had to put a pause on that a little bit, right? So do you think you could have done more if you were able to just have more time to dedicate to it?

Adrian:             Definitely. Definitely. I believe that guest posting, it works but at the same time, it’s such a time-consuming process ’cause you need to find the blogs, you need to build a relationship with these guys, and then after maybe two months of changing comments and all that, you say, “Hey, Doug, you wanna … would you accept a guest post?” And the guy will say, “Oh yeah sorry, Adrian, but I don’t accept any guest posts or anything like that.”

Doug:               Right.

Adrian:             But I’m sure it’s … I mean I’ve seen this business that you are, internet marketing, I see how you guys work together and the networking that you do and all that, and it works, it works. So if I had more time, I would definitely go and do more outreach definitely.

Doug:               Sure. And I think … I mean, to that end, right? I mean that proves the value of those links, right? So they’re so hard to get, you have to put time into it, and people generally don’t like it because just to take the steps. Like you talked about, just to get the sort of courage to send out those emails to get the rejections, and then what happens sometimes is you may send them a guest post and then they never publish it. So here you’ve invested all this time and then it just doesn’t work, right?

Adrian:             Yeah. Yeah. I know that happened to me a couple of months ago where it was a little bit my mistake as well. But we get to that part when maybe you want me to share some mistakes that I’ve done.

Doug:               That’s a good transition. So what mistakes have you made that maybe we can learn from your mistakes and hopefully you won’t make them again. But, yeah, let’s hear some of your mistakes that you’ve made.

Adrian:             I’ll tell you two of them. I made two mistakes that I recall. One was at the beginning when I was so eager to start with everything, so I needed to have my … I wanted to everything ready, and I haven’t done the competition research or competition analysis properly. So once … I just went and I said, you know what, I’m gonna talk about something that I know around my construction site, for example. So I took that item, I took that tool that we use on site and I said I’m gonna talk about this. And then my surprise was that when I went and checked my sites and checked my ranks and competition and everything, I said oh my goodness. My competitors are like the Sweet Home, the Wirecutter, and I don’t know.

Doug:               Yeah.

Adrian:             I said I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. So that was my first mistake. Take the proper time to make the competition analysis.

Doug:               Okay. And I think … well, I mean, obviously that is a really important thing to check out.

Adrian:             Definitely.

Doug:               But, an interesting thing, right, you were able to overcome it through the keyword golden ratio. In another interview that will come out around the same time period, I talked to Graham, who is another student. He also was able to take an existing site where he didn’t do the proper competition research and was able to turn it into like $1400 to $1500  a month over the course of a few months, Keyword Golden Ratio articles, all right? So that’s how-

Adrian:             Wow. That’s amazing.

Doug:               It was. So-

Adrian:             That’s amazing, yeah.

Doug:               All right. So that was the first mistake, not doing enough competition research. What’s the other one?

Adrian:             Yeah. The second mistake that I remember really was because it was a little bit embarrassing as well. It was that I was exchanging emails with the blogger. His site is quite big. He accepted a guest post. So what I did, I went and I made a very beautiful article for him. I send it to him and just five minutes later, he said, Adrian, I so love it. I want it, the job is done. I said, okay, happy day.

Adrian:             So I made a guest post. But another five minutes later, he sent me an email back again saying that it was full of mistakes, full of errors, grammar errors. That was because I didn’t have this Grammarly program installed on my computer. So as well the mistake was that I didn’t go to the article and read it again because I was so excited, so pumped up that, oh my god, I have an article on this big blog and it was going to be so nice. And he said it’s going to be so much work for me that I really don’t want to spend the time and rearrange it.

Doug:               Man, that’s a rough one. I’ve been … we’ll link up Grammarly. I’ve been testing it out, like the premium version here recently, and basically it’s a Chrome plug-in that works within Word Press. It also has native applications for Mac, I think Windows, and it’ll check like your Gmail as you’re typing. It’ll check comments on YouTube as you’re commenting on YouTube. I’ve used it and I’ve used the premium version a couple years ago, but it was a little buggy. I had some issues with it while I was using it. However, I’ve been using it for the last month or so and it’s awesome. Like, I’m finding-

Adrian:             It’s really good.

Doug:               … all sorts of mistakes. So do you use the premium version?

Adrian:             No, it’s the free one. It’s the free one. And it’s really good for what it does. I mean, my English is not my first language and obviously I have mistakes where I need to put instead of on, I put in and vice versa or any kind of those silly mistakes.

Doug:               Right. And it catches … I mean, just the free version, everyone, it will catch those mistakes. And I actually make a lot of just typing errors. And so you’ll end up with missed commas or commas where you don’t need them or maybe … one of my mistakes, I’ll type in you instead of your. So and it’s a correct word so when I just skim it, it doesn’t pop up, but Grammarly will catch it.

Doug:               Now, if you want the premium version, it checks like even more for you and you can also do a check for plagiarism as well. So if that’s a concern for people, you can pay … I mean, it’s not … I think it’s like a hundred bucks a year, a hundred twenty bucks a year. So I mean it’s cheaper than an editor, like 100 percent cheaper than an editor.

Adrian:             Oh, yeah, definitely.

Doug:               So anyway, we’ll link up to that. And I’m just excited about Grammarly because I liked it before but it just wasn’t robust and it was buggy. But now, works great. So, cool.

Adrian:             Yeah.

Doug:               So your two mistakes were you gotta proofread. You always gotta proofread your stuff before you send it out or use Grammarly and don’t get too excited. Well, it’s good that you learned from it, so now you know. You gotta send your best stuff as your guest post, right?

Adrian:             Definitely, yes, yes. I mean, what I did after that, I just took the article and put it on my blog anyway. It’s a really good article. It’s a how to do something process and I believe it’s ranking somewhere on the second page somewhere on Google.

Doug:               Cool. Very good. So it wasn’t a total waste.

Adrian:             No, it wasn’t.

Doug:               But I’m sure your ego hurt a little bit for a couple days.

Adrian:             Just a little bit. Just a little bit.

Doug:               All right. So let’s shift gears again and talk about the impact on your life. So I know a hundred dollars in the last month is not enough for you to quit your job, unfortunately, but how has it impacted your life?

Adrian:             First of all, I made my wife stop laughing ’cause she said, “This is not gonna work. This is just a joke.” Obviously now she believes in me and she’s very excited because what this does is … I remember like it was yesterday, you talking about when we started the training

Adrian:             Remember like it was yesterday, you talking about when we started the training or before when I would listen to you on YouTube, it’s like, “When you start doing this stuff, it’s going to take you from here to there. Maybe from affiliate marketing to SEO. You’re going to get in love of the SEO. Then, you’re going to do something else.” So many ideas pop up in my head.

Adrian:             I mean we talked about this as well on a chat session as well, on a coach session. This is going to change my life in a way that now, with my wife, we’re making our own product. We’re waiting for the people that work for us in Brazil to send us our product. We’re going to make an e-commerce site as well, so we can sell it. Then, we try Amazon. Maybe we’re going to try some Amazon FBA, you know?

Doug:               Sure.

Adrian:             Hopefully, this is going to change my life in year or two years’ time. Hopefully the people who are watching this video, they’re not going to think that this is a “get rich overnight” thing. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but it is going to happen. If you really want it badly, like I do, is going to happen sooner or later.

Doug:               Very cool. That’s awesome about the product branching out. For the people who … I’ll explain a little bit more about what you’re talking about. Basically, let’s say, you have a full-time job and you’re doing that. Maybe you’re even learning a few new things and it’s interesting. Once you start doing something totally different, for example, working on a Niche Site where you figure out, “Oh I can make money online, working on my own terms,” and there’s no company or corporation that you’re working for other than, say, like Amazon for example.

Doug:               There’s no one that you’re reporting to. You can design your own situation, however, you want to. Then, once you get there, you learn a bunch of skills. You have a different view of your whole life. You have a bunch of different opportunities. As you mentioned, you learn SEO. You’re learning about content. You learned how to hire people. You learned how to get traffic to your website. You learned how to do outreach. Any one of those things could be a full-time job.

Doug:               You could set up an SEO agency. You can make probably multi-six figures doing guest posting services because, as you see, it’s pretty hard. If you could do that for a corporation or a company, e-commerce site that needs blog content and they have the revenue to invest in outreach, well then you can do that. Any one of these individual things you can get into, or like the whole WordPress ecosystem. I mean it was only a year ago when you learned about WordPress, right?

Adrian:             Yeah, yeah. Never used it before.

Doug:               Yeah. Now, you could set up a website for someone that’ll look pretty darn good, and that could be a full-time job for someone too. The point is once you start taking action, you’ll have a different view to be able to take advantage of potential opportunities, whatever you want them to be.

Adrian:             Exactly, exactly.

Doug:               Like producing your own product.

Adrian:             Exactly. It’s really amazing because it really opens your mind to what are the things that are out there? I mean now that I know the things that I know, I say to myself, “What I was doing the last 20 years? What was I doing in the last 15 years? Why didn’t start earlier?”

Doug:               Yeah, that’s right.

Adrian:             It’s amazing.

Doug:               It’s funny, I think the same thing. At least, we found it. I know some of my friends, they’re stuck because they have a big mortgage and a bunch of cars and stuff. Anyway, we’re going off on a tangent. We’ll reel it back in. Now, Adrian, you’ve been in this for about a year. You’re seeing the start of success. It looks like you’re growing. For people that haven’t started or maybe they’ve just gotten started, what tips do you have for them to help replicate the success that you’ve seen?

Adrian:             One thing that makes more difference, the most difference, in this is that you need to take action definitely. You see many people, and I’ve seen this in my last two weeks, three weeks talking with friends at work, and they say, “Oh this and that.” You need to stop reading and you need to do something about that. Don’t just read. Read for a couple of days and then apply what you just read. Otherwise, you’ll never learn. You’re not going to do it. That’s one of the things. That’s how I feel productive and that’s why I believe I have my little success here.

Adrian:             Another thing that I recommend for everyone to do, get an agenda or diary or get yourself a whiteboard at home somewhere. I have one in my kitchen here. Start planning your day, your week, your month, your year. I mean I’m sure you understand me because you are project manager. Having to put actually your tasks on paper or on the whiteboard somewhere, that makes you psychologically somehow you need to do them.

Doug:               Totally agree on both points. Of course, planning ahead, setting goals, yeah, 100% on that. Then, one thing I just want to emphasize again. You mentioned taking action over trying to learn more. We are bombarded with so much information. You probably, if you’re watching this, you probably have enough information to take some action. We both appreciate you watching us until the end here, but …

Adrian:             Definitely.

Doug:               A lot of times, you know what you need to do. The nuances don’t matter yet. If you’re trying to learn the details of something, like outreach, the outreach stuff that you were talking about Adrian, you probably know enough. You won’t learn the nuances until you get out there and get your hands dirty and that sort of thing. Now, at some point, actually, I remember another set of emails we exchanged, Adrian. This was going way back. I have a good memory for emails I guess.

Adrian:             That’s good.

Doug:               You were reading some other blogs while you were working on the course. I had to remind you, I said, “Stop reading other stuff.” Do you remember this?

Adrian:             Actually I did that. I went one day to a little session on Alex blog, on Alex YouTube channel, and I said, “Oh my God. I shouldn’t be here.”

Doug:               Right, right. We won’t tell Alex.

Adrian:             Yeah.

Doug:               Seriously because there are so many possibilities for all the opportunities you can go after, and sometimes you know what you need to know. Just do anything, and then you can come back and learn later. Now, I’m a proponent for learning of course. However, just in time learning is something that came up in my corporate career a lot. Let’s say, you want to learn how to do better copywriting. There’s no point you learning it until just before.

Adrian:             Exactly.

Doug:               If you read a whole book on copywriting, Adrian, you don’t need copywriting for another year, that’s kind of a waste. Anyway, I’m glad I reeled you back in back then.

Adrian:             Oh yeah.

Doug:               There’s just so much information. I’m guilty too. A lot of times, you just end up down a rabbit hole where you read more and more. You’re like, “Do I need to do that?” When, in fact, you probably don’t. Most things you don’t need to do yet. Okay, excellent point Adrian. All right.

Adrian:             There’s one more thing that I believe that you just mentioned it. I do remember when we start the training, you tell all your students that it’s like when you go to a movie, you need to [inaudible 00:29:31] your phones or put it on silent. If you guys watching this, you need to decide for just one guru out there and go with it. If you go with Doug, just ignore everyone else. If you go with Dom or if you go with other big guys out there, just go with them. Don’t listen to many people, because then you’re going to go mad. You’re not going to do anything.

Doug:               Right. There’s just too much. There’s just too much.

Adrian:             It’s a lot.

Doug:               All right Adrian, thanks for joining us today. You don’t have any platform out there, so the best way for people to catch up with you, sometimes you’re on YouTube live stream. You’re in the Five Figure Niche Site Facebook group, but you keep a low profile. You’re a busy man, you’re a family man, right?

Adrian:             Definitely, yes, yes. If you guys want to find me and chat a little bit about this, just join Doug’s course and we can catch up a lot on the Facebook group where we actually help each other with a lot of stuff in this area.

Doug:               Awesome. Thanks again, Adrian. Just a pleasure to talk to you and hopefully we’ll get an update in a few months when you have more going on.

Adrian:             Definitely. Was a pleasure to talk to you Doug, and hopefully next time it’s not going to be a small success, it’s going to be a huge one.

Doug:               Awesome. Thanks, Adrian.

Adrian:             Thanks, bye.

Doug:               Thanks Adrian, appreciate you taking time to speak with the Niche Site project community. If anyone has questions, please do leave them in the comments. Adrian will check them out and I’ll have a look too. Hopefully, in a couple of months, we’ll be able to get Adrian back on for a follow-up interview. Thanks.



Keydrick says:

Good to find an expert who knows what he’s takilng about!

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