Effective Dental Marketing Campaigns

Effective Dental Marketing Campaigns


Are you looking for a way to bring in new patients into your clinic? You need effective marketing. 

To allow your dental practice to grow, a single dentist should have about 24 to 50 new patients per month. You can achieve this through the use of effective dental marketing. That said, don’t stick only to traditional methods like flyers and signboards.

With the fast change in technology, more strategies come into the forefront. In addition, about 77% of patients turn to online reviews when finding healthcare providers. This nugget should be a good thing to remember as you plan for your dental marketing strategies.


Here are some ideas to help you get started in growing your dental practice:

1. Get Involved in the Community

One effective strategy for dental marketing involves being outside the office more. In this case, stay present in the community and get involved. 

Consider attending community events. Also, include the idea of sponsoring them to get your brand out in the open.

You can also go for item donations or setting up booths. Make your presence known and get the word of mouth buzzing.

2. Offer Discounts

Another way to catch attention is to offer discounts and bonuses in your services. Everyone loves deals, but you also need to do some research before going for this strategy. 

When you offer a particular discount, make sure you have something that stands out. Make sure it doesn’t have the same wow factor that another clinic offers.

3. Have a Referral Incentive Program

In the same vein as the discount strategy, give something to current patients. Build enthusiasm so that they will bring in their family and friends. Incentives could include discounts on their next visit, a family promo, or freebies.

You can also check out Gargle for more dental marketing ideas like this one.

4. Engage in Social Media

Social media also plays a role in various ways. It ranges from creating connections to improving your presence online. You can join communities or get in touch with your current patients.

In fact, about 40% of consumers say that information found on social media affects their health decisions.

This is where your social media page comes in. Have a channel where your patients, both current and new, can contact you and discuss. You can also use this to promote your business and provide the incentives listed above.

5. Build Your Online Presence

Build a reputation online. Using social media, SEO, and PPC you can set up an advertising campaign focused locally. Consider the use of content marketing and other advertising methods to build your online presence.

By building up your online visibility, your clinic should pop up in local searches in various search engines.

6. Be an Expert at Your Field

With this particular business marketing strategy, aim to be the authority when it comes to anything related to dental health. With this, consider creating articles for newspapers and magazines in both print and online media.

This approach allows for an easier source of content online and would also prove valuable for readers and patients.

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Bolster your dental marketing with these ideas and suggestions. This way, you can bring your dental practice into the radar and have patients come into your clinic. Be visible to the community and make your presence known.

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