Direct Mail Marketing Ideas: 5 Creative Suggestions for Your Next Mail Out

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas: 5 Creative Suggestions for Your Next Mail Out


You may wonder if direct mail still has a place in your marketing strategy. Think about it – when was the last time you got anything in the mail?

Compare your mailbox with your inbox. People receive around 121 emails a day. No one receives that much mail so your direct mail marketing stands out.

So you’ve got less competition, but how do you still grab attention?


You need these creative direct mail marketing ideas. Read on to learn about them.

1. Pop-Up Postcards

The beauty of postcards is you get to ship them flat. But when the recipient gets them, it can turn into a 3D object.

It’s unusual for something flat to become 3D, so it’s an easy way to grab attention.

IKEA did this with a magazine insert. It started out flat, but when the reader opened the envelope? Out popped a 3D IKEA table. It’s a great reminder to go and pick up this IKEA staple.

2. Cut-Outs

Remember playing with cut-outs as a kid? You might get a cardboard figure that you dressed with different cut out accessories and outfits.

In a digital age, people love getting to physically make something. That could be an ornament, a Christmas decoration, or a fun desk calendar.

So send a flat pack of cut-outs that the recipient puts together. Give them a hashtag so they can share photos of their creations.

3. Go for Scratch-and-Sniff

You can’t smell an email. Unless a company uses cheap ink or paper stock, you can’t really smell direct mail either.

Adding a ‘sniff’ option to direct mail is a great way to make it stand out. It also encourages the recipient to interact with it, instead of throwing it out.

Scratch and sniff cards work really well if you’re selling products or experiences associated with nice smells.

So food, holidays, perfume, or anything nature really benefits from this gimmick.

4. Drop Video in the Mail

If you sell a high-end product, using a video mailer is a great way to catch attention. A prospect can open your mailer and watch the content with a single click of a button.

This video brochure company offers a range of sizes to suit your needs. But they’re all thin and elegant so they’re not too bulky in a mailbox.

5. Send Beautiful Postcards

Most direct mail ends up being thrown away because it’s cheap or disposable. Encourage people to keep what you send by making it beautiful to display.

Put spectacular photos, unusual art, or high-quality graphic design on one side. Add your company details on the other.

People are more likely to keep the cards and even display them because of the imagery you choose. That keeps your details close to hand and they’ll associate you with the postcards on display.

Get Creative with your Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

You can see how easily a piece of direct mail can stand out, compared to an email or social media post.

Getting creative with your direct mail marketing ideas is the best way to grab attention. You may even see your mailers shared on social media if they’re clever enough!

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