Coaching: Rob’s Niche Site (Session #6)

Coaching: Rob’s Niche Site (Session #6)

It has been a few weeks since Rob and I met for our last session. It was pretty interesting this time because Rob implemented the system that we planned in previous sessions. The system was around using templates for hiring content writers and the actual content.

It work really well! Too well.

Rob got an unprecedented amount of content in a short period of time and it exposed a new weak point in the system.

If you are just joining us, then you should catch up to get the background…

Notes & Comments from Rob

  • Trouble! We have too much content and not enough time to post it.
  • Perfectionist tendencies slow things down and may not have a big benefit.
  • It seems overwhelming to document the process and train the VA(s).
  • Will the VA be able to deal with proper grammar.
  • Next Steps:
    • Document the process.
    • Create a checklist based on that…
    • Use that as a template for each piece of content.
    • (Note from Doug: Checklists work! Pilots & Surgeons use them for a reason.)
    • Hire a VA to work through the checklist…emphasize training and openness to ask questions.


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