Business Blogging: How to Use Your Company Blog as a Marketing Tool

Business Blogging: How to Use Your Company Blog as a Marketing Tool

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If you’ve just started blogging for your business, you’re wondering when you’ll see changes. Every company wants customers and greater interest. You’re also wondering if your efforts translate into a healthy financial return.

When starting to delve into the realm of business blogging, it’s important to know how blogging affects your company. But what do you focus on and how do you know what’s important to people visiting your site?

Learn how to overcome these challenges. You’ll see how doing so can help your company grow.


Business Blogging Establishes Authority

When you’re generating blog posts about your business and what you do, you want customers to have confidence in your abilities. It’s important to make people aware of why you’re the ideal choice for them to go to when solving a problem.

Authority marketing is important because it gives people the first impression of your company and what you’re capable of. Putting your blog to good use means you’ll get a chance to demonstrate what you know and give folks the option to contact you.

Using a blog for business purposes is cost-effective, making it one of the best marketing tools for company owners. Once you get started it’s important to keep the momentum going so you can reap the benefits of continuous traffic.

By talking about solutions to various problems, your blog shows customers you know about more than one way to solve issues. This works in your favor and shows what an authority you are on the subject.

You’ll Get Organic Leads When You Utilize Blogging

When you blog, you’ll use search engine optimized keywords.

If your business is local and you want to attract folks from around the area, you’ll discover it’s easy to incorporate keywords relating to the town, city, and county surrounding your business.

Imagine what happens when someone is looking for the services you provide. They enter those terms into a search engine and getting different results for a variety of places not local to them.

Now, suppose they enter in keywords that describe your company, along with your location. This allows you a much better chance of getting seen in the search engine and connecting with the folks looking for what you offer.

Blogging for business doesn’t necessarily need to be a process that takes a long time to make a connection between you and your customers. When you show them what you offer and where you’re located, they’re likely to come to you.

Even if they don’t contact you the day they find you, you’ll remain in their mind. It’s possible they’ll bookmark your website for another day or come back when they’ve had time to investigate.

Either way, this is one of the easiest methods of getting out and in front of your potential customer base. It allows them to learn more about you and make an educated decision before they decide if they want your services.

Convert Your Traffic into Leads

Once you’re getting a steady stream of traffic to your website, you’ll discover how easy it is to convert viewers to sales. That’s because you’re attracting people to you naturally, as they search for a business that offers the products and service you do.

Once folks land on your blog and discover that you’re an authority in your field, they’ll feel confident about contacting you. You can make this easy by doing a few things that make taking the plunge to seem simple.

  • List prices on your website
  • Offer a chat feature
  • Have a Contact Us page so people can get in contact with you
  • Link your blog/website to social media, allowing them to learn more about your company

By making use of your content marketing, you’ll engage with potential customers easily. This makes it likely they’ll return again when they’re ready to buy.

With accessible information, people feel confident doing business with your company. You’ll attract the quality of customers you’re looking for, allowing your business to thrive even more when you put your company blog to use.

You’ll Have Long-Term Results

The best thing about a blog for marketing is the fact that you’ll have content that stays with you forever (or at least until you take it down). You can use this content to promote and get people interested in your services repeatedly, without the need to constantly create new articles.

Consider how often you plan on blogging. While it’s important to blog often, focus on providing customers with quality posts.

Answering questions and showing how a typical problem gets solved is the most useful in terms of engaging material. Depending on how many new customers you get in a month, you can reuse your content and prove your knowledge to them.

Use your blog to your advantage when building your audience. If you can have it function in the form of answering frequently asked questions, you’ll give folks the confidence they need when deciding if they should work with you and your company.

It’s Easy to Promote Online Through Social Media

Another benefit of business blogging is the ease of promoting your posts through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media increased in popularity.

As a result, many of these companies use it as an alternative form of communicating with their customers in addition to phone and email.

Many companies find it helpful to utilize social media not just for promotion, but as a way to provide customer service. Interacting with customers and answering questions makes your company seem eager and willing to help.

Through social media, you can promote a new blog post, and then interact with customers if they have questions about your service. This allows you to work directly with them and instills confidence for both you and the customer.

You’ll gain a better understanding if they’re interested or not, and they’ll have the chance to learn how you can help them. You can also utilize social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit, allowing you to gain even more readers and interested customers.

Diversifying where you advertise, post, and interact with customers allows you to get discovered by a greater number of people. This helps your business and blog rise in popularity.

One of the best things about using social media is that it’s free or very low cost in comparison to other marketing methods. If you’re not leveraging the benefits of social media when working on your company blog, start today.

People Can Check You Out and Feel Confident When Going to Your Company

Some folks shrink in fear when they think about giving their phone number out to a company and getting contacted by a representative. Often they see it as getting hounded or bothered if they decide they’re not interested.

In today’s day and age of communication, many do not like to interact unless they know the caller or they’re truly interested in using the product or service. Instead of bringing people to your company in a forceful way, give them the information they want and let them decide.

Blog posts that showcase knowledge of your industry can answer questions about specific services. Add on prices and provide a list of frequently asked questions.

If you give people your information, they’ll feel comfortable enough to get in touch.

This allows you to gain more potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer, rather than trying to weed through those who find you too expensive or simply aren’t committed.

Make sure you check out how your blog posts look and perform an SEO audit first. This can help you determine how likely it is that you’ll find the people who want your services, allowing you to focus on that ideal customer.

Learn More

When it comes to business blogging, it’s important that your blog appeals to folks and makes it easy for them to connect with you. Establish yourself as an authority by interacting and answering questions.

This encourages growth and positive feelings toward your company. Giving people the information they’re looking for goes a long way in making you the top in your industry.

If you haven’t established a blog for your business yet, now’s the time to do so. Check out our blog on how to improve SEO rankings on Google+, so you know what type of posts to create that get you noticed and in front of the right customers.



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