Best Virtual Office Services

Best Virtual Office Services
  • Great environment for community building
  • First co-working space to offer open-plan workspace in in London, England
  • Locations in 60 countries
  • Full package is $400 per month

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EOffice prides itself on its community environment. The first co-working space to provide open-plan workspaces in London, it blends solid virtual office offerings with bespoke working environments designed to make each member feel productive, creative, and happy.

They also have an active, welcoming network that each user gets access to, including regular community and networking events. Startup owners and workers will find a lot here, as EOffice has connections with more than a dozen mentorship companies and angel investors who offer their guidance to EOffice members.

With locations in 60 countries, EOffice is another great virtual office provider for international businesses, though it only has locations in 11 US Cities.

Their virtual office packages focus on the basics: a professional business address and phone answering services, and they’re somewhat pricier than others on this list. The full package, including access to their co-working spaces, is close to $400/month.

They also offer an eCard membership option just for co-working, which gets you access to their community portal and one day pass per month (among other perks) starting at $39.75/mo.

But all their packages do include full access to the community, the ability to use any of their 250+ workspaces worldwide, and several other perks. So if you want a strong community aspect with your virtual office services, EOffice will be up your alley.

How To Find The Best Virtual Office For You

Now let’s look at the best virtual office services for different situations. As we noted earlier, what makes a virtual office right for you will largely depend on your individual needs. But there are a few factors to consider when comparing them against each other.

Best Virtual Office For Customizable Packages

Since individual needs and fit are so important, let’s start there. Your ability to customize packages to your own needs, or at least to choose between multiple levels or options depending on those needs, will likely determine whether you can work with a provider or not.

Customizability allows you to pick the services you need and ignore the ones you don’t, which can save you money. It also allows you to start where you are and grow or scale up at your own pace, which not only saves money but removes pressure to grow too fast.

And having multiple options to choose between gives you flexibility to start using a virtual office provider at any point in your business journey, rather than having to be a beginner or a veteran, a big company or a small one.

The virtual offices that provide the best customizability and flexibility are:

Best Virtual Offices For Specificity

On the other hand, if you know exactly where you are and exactly what you want, having a wider variety of options or a strong ability to customize might not be necessary for you. This is especially true for businesses that are just getting started, that want one particular perk or benefit above all, or that value a tangential yet important factor like community.

The virtual offices that provide the best specific services are:

Best Virtual Offices For Location

While any virtual office provider can technically provide services from anywhere, the more locations one has, the more accessible they will be–especially if you want to use their physical office space as well as their virtual services.

International presence or strategy also matters here. If you’re not in the US, or you want to grow your business internationally, having access to locations in other countries will be vital for you.

The virtual offices with the most locations (in the US and worldwide) are:

Best-Priced Virtual Office Services

The caveat with pricing for virtual office solutions is that the amount you pay determines the features and benefits you get.

Buying a lower-level package may only get you a few basic features, such as an address with mail forwarding but nothing else, while buying a comprehensive package will nearly always come with a premium price tag.

Some of the cheapest providers can also become the most expensive once you move up the ladder to their most comprehensive packages.

So we’ll evaluate the best-priced virtual office services as the ones that offer the most benefits at each of three price levels: basic, mid-level, and premium.

Best basic offering: Opus Virtual Offices (base offer, $99/mo)
Best mid-level offering: Regus (office membership, $207/mo)
Best premium offering: Servcorp (full virtual office suite, $700/mo)

  • $99 per month
  • Great for first virtual office
  • Comes with one month free
  • Excellent add-ons

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So which one is the best?

By the categories above, Regus stands out the most. It has great customizability, lots of locations, and the best mid-tier package. No other provider showed up in more than two categories, and several only hit one. So by that logic, Regus is the best virtual office services provider.

But don’t forget about your individual needs! The best virtual office might be the right one for you, but it also might not. That’s why we showed you eight of them rather than just Regus.

If you love the internationality of Davinci, need the online office model of Sococo, think the virtual assistant from Intelligent Office would be a lifesaver, or just want to start with the basic setup of Opus, that’s okay too. Any of these eight could be the best provider, provided they’re the best one for you.



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