3 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tips to Create Advertising Materials

3 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tips to Create Advertising Materials

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Are you using Adobe Illustrator to create marketing materials for your business? Better yet, are you creating marketing materials as a business model for other clients?

If so, you know how versatile Illustrator can be as a design tool. You can create designs that easily stand out from the crowd. If you’re not careful though your designs might start to blend in.

Design trends are always changing and we know how important it is to be on the cutting edge. Below, you’ll find three of our favorite Adobe Illustrator tips for creating jaw-dropping designs whether you’re using them for digital or even to create a brochure.

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Read on as we explore the tips you need to know about!

Make Your Text Stand Out

No matter what medium you’re designing for, you already know how important text is to create a narrative with your work. From logo design to website copy, text can help your design pop.

On the other hand, a dull text design can turn a fresh look into a bore.

Consider adding a bold text like the chrome text effect for example. What originally starts as a flat, 2-D design adds depth and excitement with a few simple strokes.

Fonts like these have an effect that has certainly evolved over time. You might consider it a dated design, but trends have brought it back in full force!

In a similar style, retro style text can be just a stylish and help add a powerful sense of theming to your design.

Play With Colors

If you like playing with colors, consider using watercolors in your Adobe Illustrator creations. Designs like these have a sense of whimsy and depth you don’t get with traditional color palettes.

What about using vectors to create a new style of portraits? When it comes to adding dimension to your designs, there are no limits to the ways you can define your style with bold strokes of color.

Add Depth By Going Flat

Your designs don’t need to be 3-Dimensional in order to stand out. In fact, flat designs are in and they can help your creations look unique and alive!

Using a combination of gradients, shapes, and blending modes, it won’t take you a lifetime to learn this quirky design style.

Looking to use your talents for advertising materials or to create a brochure for marketing clients? You can use flat design styles for digital or print work and achieve the same stylish outcome.

Using Adobe Illustrator To Stand Out

When it comes to advertising your business, standing out is the name of the game.

There are a number of methods you can use to help your business attract new clients digitally and in print. Advertising on Facebook has its merits, but SEO isn’t the only tool you need in your arsenal.

If you’re looking to create printed brochures to help advertise your business, you want to make sure your designs make a statement. For more tips like this, make sure to check out our most recent articles!



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