12 Of the Best SEO Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Google

12 Of the Best SEO Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Google


 SEO is a set of rules that help you optimize your website for search engines, as well as improve your search engine rankings. It increases the quality of your website by making it faster, more user-friendly, and easier to navigate for users.

SEO makes your website more visible, draws more traffic, and more opportunities to convert prospective clients to actual customers. It is an incredibly important tool for brand awareness, and positions you as a trustworthy, authoritative expert in your field of practice.

After having a solid understanding of what search engine optimization is, you need to understand how to use it for the benefit of your business and your brand. Learn the best SEO tips and tricks and grow your brand to your desired success.


Here are some SEO tips and tricks that you can use.

1. Custom Your Brand

The ranking is all about standing out from the crowd and the right branding is an SEO trick that many people tend to ignore. The first guest on your website should be able to tell how unique you are from your competitors. When you customize your brand, you will be showing your audience how seriously you take your work and they can trust in you to give them the best.

There are services providers that you can work with to help you create an authentic and unique brand for your website. Check out this gallery for some unique brands.

2. Use The Right Page Titles

All search engines use title tags to display a page in search results. They help your page appear at the top of the browser results. Your page title will tell the users and search spiders the contents of your website.

This means that if you don’t choose the right title you will mislead the users and the Search engine as well. Google displays 50- 60 characters in their titles, therefore, use a short description that is relevant to your page. The right keywords and tile should feature at the front.

3. Publish Relevant Content

Quality content is one of the best SEO tips and tricks that you should pay attention to. There is no substitute for good content. This content is what will increase traffic and improve on your website’s relevance and ranking.

You have to improve your writing skills and identify a target keyword phrase for your pages and repeat that as necessary ensuring that your content reads naturally.

4. Keywords

You need to place your keywords thoughtfully throughout your website. Your keywords need to be the words that the users are most likely to use. Do not use a ridiculous amount of keywords otherwise known as keyword stuffing because search engine spiders will ignore them and your website will not come up when users are searching for the products or services that you offer.

You should also not use unrelated keywords because your site might end up flagged as spam.

5. Regular Updates

You need to update your content regularly if you want to improve your ranking. Search engines can tell dynamic from static content. If you have nothing new on your website, you will be pushed further down the line.

This is why you have to keep your website fresh at all times.

6. Have Relevant Websites Link To You

This is a very important SEO tip. In as much as you cannot be able to control it, you can ask other websites to advertise your site. You can do this by allowing guest posts or guest blogging on other websites or blogs that allow you to backlink to yours.

7. Remove Whatever Slows Down Your Website

A fast responding website will definitely rank high because users will enjoy using it more. Make sure that your pages load as fast as possible. Remove all the things that might slow them down like large images, flash graphics, and any other unnecessary plugins.

8. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

According to research, 48% of the world’s population access the internet through their mobile phones. This means that most of your users will use their phones to view your website. Websites that are mobile-friendly rank high in Google because Google is striving to provide the best user experience.

9. Avoid Flash

Flash, while cheap and easy to launch, many websites that use it rank lower than the ones that don’t use it. This is because you cannot link to an individual page when you use flash. Changing it to another platform will definitely increase your search engine ranking.

10. Have A Link Worthy Site

Try to create relevant links with your texts rather than using a “click here” text for your links. This is because such text does not have any search engine value and will do nothing to improve your ranking. Use descriptive links that will not only add value to your readers but will also rank you higher.

11. One of the Best SEO Tips and Tricks Is to Use Sitemaps

A sitemap is a page that is solely a list and creates links to the other major pages on your website. It allows search spiders to locate you very quickly and in turn improve your website ranking.

Sitemaps will help the pages easier to find for your users too with fewer clicks.

12. Try To Use Alt Tags

Make sure you describe all your media by using alt tags. These tags allow search engines to locate your page, which is very important for the people who only use text-only browsers or screen readers.

Alt tags are often ignored during web design but they have a huge impact on your SEO performance and ranking in general. Use alt tags throughout your website.

These Are Some of the Best SEO Tips and Tricks to Watch Your Website Ranking Improve

Learning the best SEO tips and tricks can be the determinant of the success of your website.

Use these SEO tips and tricks to improve on how your website ranks on Google. Remember, the higher your website ranks, the more the traffic that you will have and the more you will be able to grow your brand and increase your sales too.

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