11 Slack Communities for SEOs and Digital Marketers (That You Should Join Today)

11 Slack Communities for SEOs and Digital Marketers (That You Should Join Today)

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The era of messaging apps is on the rise. eMarketer’s report predicts a quarter of the world (that’s almost 2 billion people!) will be using messaging apps on their mobile in 2019. That’s only one year from now!

Slack is one of those messaging apps. It’s a place where you can communicate with various teams, collaborate on projects, and much more.

But what are Slack communities?

In essence, they’re similar to Facebook groups, but they exist on Slack. Each Slack community is based around a specific topic (e.g., link building) and provides a place for members to share knowledge and insights about that topic. Members can also message other members directly.

Slack overview

Unlike Facebook groups, Slack communities are typically broken down into many different channels. Think of these as sub-groups within the main Slack community.

For example, a community about link building may have channels named #guestposts or #strategies. In this instance, the #guestpost channel would likely be used for discussing all things guest post-related, whereas the #strategies channel is better-suited to discussing link-building strategies and tactics.

Slack channels overview

What’s in these Slack marketing channels for you?

If you can’t imagine your life without SEO and digital marketing, but you’re not a big social network fan, Slack communities can come in handy. I handpicked the list below with one goal: find the channels that bring the highest value for members in terms of:

  • The quality of the information offered;
  • The activity level within the community;

Most Slack channel owners are also admins. You can join the workspace after filling in the form or leaving your email on a registration page. Pretty much all of them have the #introduction channel where you can write a few words about yourself.

Are you ready for another poll?

Since our previous poll for the best SEO podcasts went well, we took a chance to submit another poll here. So, here’s the list of the Slack communities mentioned in the article. Vote for those you consider to be of the highest benefit for you and your SEO skills:

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Keep reading for our list of the best Slack communities for SEOs and digital marketers (in no particular order).


Most of the Slack communities mentioned below are free to join, but three of them do charge a membership fee. I tagged each community as either “free” or “paid” so you can easily discern whether or not it’s free to join.

1. OnlineGeniuses (Free)

Members 10,000+

Channels: over 10 channels including #seo, #ppc, #socialmediamarketing, #email_marketing, #hangouts, #good_finds, etc.

How to join: fill out the typeform and get the invitation via email.

online geniuses slack

Online Geniuses channel initially emerged from a Skype chat. Its owner, David Markovich, created the chat to connect with other great minds in the digital marketing industry. When the group reached over 300 members, David started looking for a more robust platform with more opportunities for sharing opinions and experience. Thus, he turned to Slack.

The workspace has now grown into an active community of great marketers, SEOs, and other IT professionals. One of the best things about the Online Geniuses community is that each applicant is manually vetted.

Since the launch, over 1.5 million messages have been sent inside the community. Over 100 people have found jobs and new opportunities via their #hiring channel. The owners have also hosted live events in over 25 cities across the US. The “Ask Me Anything” discussion channel has included sessions with well-known industry veterans like Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, and Dmitry Gerasimenko (from Ahrefs). One of the latest AMAs included a session with Allyson J. Davis of Red Bull.

2. BigSEO (Free)

Members: 900+

Channels: #general, #business, #events, #localseo, #technical, #international, #penalties, #sitereview

How to join: fill in this Google Form.

bigseo slack

The BigSEO Slack workspace emerged from a subreddit of the same title. When Steven Van Vessum proposed taking SEO discussions to the next level with a Slack community, he didn’t expect it grow to a few hundreds of people in a couple of days. Now it’s a tight community where people can talk, make connections and build business relationships.

Mathew Carey, one of the admins, added a bunch of funny quotes about Matt Cutts that welcome members each time they log into the channel. Such sentences like “Matt Cutts can speak braille” or “Matt Cutts can delete the Recycling Bin” add zest to the workspace. People make friends there and some have even started businesses together in real life.

Members discuss various aspects of SEO and marketing in such channels as #sitereview, #analytics, #tools, #localseo and more. The #jobs channel helps people find new positions. The first AMA session is to be aired in March. In January the owners also sent out the first monthly newsletter which highlights the special discounts, jobs and includes an in-depth interview with one of the BigSEO members.

3. #Backlinks (Free)

Members: 500+

Channels: #general, #guestposts, #traffic-boost, #random

How to join: fill out the typeform and get the invitation via email

backlinks slack

#Backlinks is a community of like-minded professionals trying to solve the two big issues every website owner faces: getting the best content and getting backlinks. The members help each other by sharing articles and other content ideas, finding opportunities for guest posts, etc.

The workspace has three main channels: #general, #guestposts, and #random where members can chat, share the latest news, and discuss their issues. There are a lot more industry-specific channels (e.g., #arts, #education, #doctor, etc.) to help professionals within each niche come up with ideas to collaborate.

The main channel of interest here is #guestposts. It includes a pinned link to a Google Sheets document where the channel members can view guest post opportunities or register to become a guest author for the other blogs. Since the workspace includes CEOs, business owners, SEO professionals and content creators, it’s the perfect place for everyone in the digital marketing industry to grow and collaborate.

4. Buffer (Free)

Members: 4,000+

Channels: over 20 channels including #watercooler, #buffer-products, #buffer-events, #announcements, #community-feedback, #our-work, #topic-socialmedia

How to join: fill out the Google Form

buffer slack

Buffer has always had a strong social media presence. But the Buffer Slack community is undoubtedly the most engaging community for those looking to gather and connect in real-time.

The community has gathered amazing professionals in different spheres of social media marketing, content marketing, video creation, developing, blogging, entrepreneurship, etc. The community admins and moderators encourage members to share their challenges and get thoughtful advice, support, and inspiration in return.

The Buffer community has several traditions like sharing goals in the #weekly-goals channel or discussing the books in the #reading-room. It even has the channel for sharing funny pics and gifs as well as a few area-specific channels for members from different parts of the world.

5. CRO Growth Hacks (Free)

Members: <100

Channels: #general, #cro_hacks, #seo_hacks, #email_hacks, #analytics_hacks, #business_hacks, #ad_hacks, #social_hacks, #site-critique, etc.

How to join: fill out the Google Form

cro growth slack

The CRO Growth Hacks community was created to promote an open exchange of ideas around conversion rate optimization. Members share their experiences, recommendations, and tips on conversion rate optimization and success techniques.

Aside from the main channel for CRO aspects discussion, there are other channels like #seo_hacks, #social_hacks, #business_hacks, etc. Members can check out the #hiring channel where the job openings are posted. There is also a special channel for Ask Me Anything and giveaways. One of the coolest channels is #chatbot_hacks. Its members discuss the latest and the most challenging marketing activities—the use of chatbots in sales and marketing.

The #shameless_plug channel allows its members to promote their businesses, establish professional connections, invite others to meetings, conferences, and webinars. Many members also share their latest blog posts and videos to learn other’s opinions and get some extra shares.

6. Marketers Chat (Free)

Members: 2,000+

Channels: #announcements, #events, #hangouts, #news, #services, #offers, #suggestions, #tools, #promo_zone

How to join: get the invitation via email or Facebook

marketers chat slack

Syed Irfaq created this workspace because he perceived a gap in real-time communication between the affiliate marketing industry and internet marketing in general. The existing forums and chats on Skype were somewhat useless because they lacked organization. Slack came in handy here as a well-structured place for discussing marketing-related topics.

The community of Marketers Chat is mostly focused on affiliate marketing and everything connected. They have channels related to marketing strategies, PPC, PPV, PPI, marketing tools, and many more. #seo and #smm are two of the most popular channels where members discuss the best strategies, share their experience in these niches. Thanks to a talented community of marketing experts, industry veterans, business owners, as well as affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketing newbies, the channels are extremely active.

Dedicated channels, like #promo_zone or #services, help job seekers to find cool offers or promote their services to the audience. The #news channel is connected to a number of the most popular industry blogs, so members see instant updates whenever a new article or a blog post is published.

7. Growmance (Free)

Members: 2,900+

Channels: #general, #feedback, #growth, #marketing, #random, #tech

How to join: get the invitation via email.

growmance slack

Ondrej Kubala, the creator of the Growmance, had been working on the startup focused on marketers before he came out with the idea of launching a Slack workspace. Initially, he wanted to share his knowledge with the community of like-minded people, chat about various topics and host a few “mastermind” talks with professionals. The workspace activity exceeded his expectations. Now the Growmance workspace counts around 3,000 members.

The community is what makes the workspace great. Hundreds of people from around the world joined the channels to share their marketing and growth hacking ideas, tips and solutions. They can discuss the viability of their ideas at the deepest level, exchange knowledge and help each other with the promotion of their content on a “Help the marketer out” channel.

Discussion channels also include #marketing, #growth, and #marketing-books where everyone can share their favorite books to read. The #job-offers channel is aimed at those who seek for a marketing position.

8. Conversion World (Free)

Members: 900+

Channels: #general, #introduction

How to join: fill out the typeform and get the invitation via email.

conversionworld slack

Manuel Da Costa created the Slack workspace to support his Conversion World online conference in 2015. Initially, it was set as a place for attendees to interact before and during the conference. But since then it has grown into a community of marketers and CRO professionals who all share their thoughts and experience.

The primary topic of the Conversion World workspace is conversion rate optimization, and everything related. The channels inside the workspace are aimed at helping the CROs and data nerds connect with each other, share knowledge and get better at their jobs. There are numerous location and language-based channels. And private channels for conference attendees.

There, anyone can find channels for sharing their content or asking for advice about analytics or marketing, as well as for job seeking. Now the owners are getting ready for the Conversion World Conference 2018, and there will be a dedicated Slack channel for all its attendees.

9. Traffic Think Tank (Paid)

How to join: Join the waitlist.

Traffic Think Tank is a private community that helps members to advance as SEOs. It aims to put an end to the thankless task of continually browsing the web in search of the best information. Inside Traffic Think Tank you will find unlimited access to the best SEO and marketing resources archive. You will also join a great team of professionals for live Q&A sessions to help you resolve any questions. Among the Traffic Think Tank experts will be Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells.

10. Creative Tribes (Paid)

Members: 1,000+

Channels: #analytics_datascience, #content_marketing, #socialmedia_marketing, #blockchain, #seo_strategy, etc.

How to join: fill out the typeform, pay the one-time sign-up fee, and get the invitation via email.

Creative Tribes is the global community that grew to 1,000+ members in just three years. This workspace is not only for SEOs and digital marketers; there are tons of channels for solopreneurs, startup founders, designers and developers who wish to share their experience with others. Creative Tribes hosts AMAs with experts from time to time; two of the latest ones featured Mario Peshev (from DevriX) and Louis Grenier (a host of Everyone Hates Marketers podcast series).

11. Startup Chat (Paid)

Members: 7,000+

Channels: #startup, #tools, etc.

How to join: fill out the typeform, pay the one-time sign-up fee, and get the invitation via email.

Last but certainly not least, we have Startup Chat. This community brings together entrepreneurs, startup founders, and other professionals. They often run AMAs and Q&A sessions where members share their success stories. Aside from general channels for all members of the community, there are channels for every country. Thus, you can interact with entrepreneurs from all over the world to find opportunities for partnerships.

The Bottom Line

Slack communities are amazing workspaces for those looking for actionable advice and collaboration with like-minded professionals. But they are also time-consuming services where you can easily spend a few hours of your life chatting and discussing various things.

On the other hand, it’s a great platform where you can almost immediately find answers to your questions, get help with urgent issues, find a job, and even draw some attention to your works and content. Just remember — it works both ways, so you are expected to give back some attention, share experience and feedback.

You can share your feedback here, too. Tell us in comments about your favorite marketing and SEO Slack communities and what you like about them.

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